The Resource Agency history of the Virginia State Water Control Board

Agency history of the Virginia State Water Control Board

Agency history of the Virginia State Water Control Board
Agency history of the Virginia State Water Control Board
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  • The mission of the State Water Control Board is to provide water pollution control and abatement, develop and implement water resource and quality management plans, and develop and implement groundwater management programs to conserve, protect, and beneficially utilize the water resources of the Commonwealth and protect against damage due to floods, hazardous materials and illegal discharges, and degradation. The authority for the Board is Title 15.1, Chap. 1 and Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.
  • In 1946 the General Assembly established the State Water Control Board to administer the State Water Control Law. The purpose of the law was to protect the existing quality of state waters and restore other waters to a quality level suitable for human health and the propagation of aquatic life. It also dealt with the problem of water pollution and its reduction and prevention. In 1972 the duties and powers of the Division of Water Resources in the Department of Conservation and Economic Development were transferred to the Board. This consolidation made the Board responsible for the development of a coordinated policy for the control and use of all state water resources.
  • The State Water Control Board is composed of seven private citizens appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the General Assembly. The Board is directly responsible for the adoption and promulgation of standards, rules and regulations, the revocation of certificates and the issuance of special orders.
  • The staff is headed by an Executive Director who is appointed by the Governor and serves at his pleasure. The Executive Director is responsible for administering the policies and objectives established by the Board. The headquarters bureaus, whose primary functions are to set policy, provide procedural guidance and see that programs are carried out uniformly throughout the State, are directed by the Deputy Executive Director. Also under the Deputy Executive Director are six regional offices which are responsible for program implementation. Located under the Assistant Executive Director are the administrative offices.
  • Major activities are assistance to localities in the construction of wastewater treatment facilities; enforcement of rules, regulations and standards designed to abate and prevent water pollution; investigation of pollution hazards and other related problems; issuance of permits for the discharge of treated wastewaters; and technical assistance and training for owners or operators of wastewater treatment facilities. Also, management of efforts to minimize flood damage; planning and management for maximum beneficial use of groundwater supplies; planning for surface water maintenance; and management and planning for water quality to meet future needs.
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Agency history of the Virginia State Water Control Board
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