The Resource Carl M. Lindner Sr. architectural drawings and plans, (architectural drawing)

Carl M. Lindner Sr. architectural drawings and plans, (architectural drawing)

Carl M. Lindner Sr. architectural drawings and plans, 1923-1952.
Carl M. Lindner Sr. architectural drawings and plans
Inclusive dates
  • Accession 41527 consists of five sets of architectural drawings by Richmond, Virginia, architect Carl M. Lindner, Sr. Four of the commissions were executed by Lindner; the fifth set depicting the rebuilt Governor's Palace at Williamsburg is by the Boston firm of Perry, Shaw & Hepburn. These blueprint copies are a reference work that Lindner held in his office. The four projects by Lindner include residences for Dr. Randolph Elam, a dentist, in Hampton Gardens, Virginia; Mrs. John T. Wilson, Richmond; Mr. Leon L. Strause, Richmond; and alterations to a Sunday School building for St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church (now St. John's United Church of Christ), Richmond
  • Accession 42255 consists of eleven sets of architectural drawings by Lindner. The projects include drawings for Mr. Philip Strause, Westover Road, Richmond, Virginia; Mr. Morton G. Thalhimer, Monument Avenue, Richmond; nine residences on Monument Avenue, Richmond; Mr. Herbert Hill, Hampton Garden, Virginia; Mrs. C. M. Linder, Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Linder, Westham, Virginia; Mr. A. L. McClellan, Hampton Gardens; Mr. M. D. Nunnally, Jr., Windsor Farms, Virginia; Ms. M. M. Kratz, Richmond; Mr. Carl M. Linder, Grove Avenue, Richmond; Mr. C. A. Baylor, Hampton Gardens
  • Accession 44576 consists of 7 architectural drawings and specifications (52 leaves) for the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Hummel, Hill Crest by the James, Westhampton, Virginia, 1929. [Included are originals and copies.] Also included are 4 landscape architectural drawings of the gardens by Charles F. Gillette, 1928-1934. [Copies of the Gillette drawings are also available in Acc. 34472. Also available on CD #195.]
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Biographical or historical data
  • Carl Max Lindner, Sr. (1895-1973), a Richmond, Virginia, native, learned the architectural profession while working for his uncle, Carl Ruehrmund. A graduate of Richmond's Virginia Mechanical Institute, Lindner began private practice around 1919. Most noteably associated with Charles H. Phillips in the early 1920s, Lindner also partnered with Bascom J. Rowlett and Ivan Alten. On a number of commissions, Lindner and Phillips are listed as architects and contractors, a consequence of their being involved in a number of speculative projects.
  • As an architect, Carl M. Lindner practiced in a number of styles including Art Deco, Tudor, Colonial Revival, Cotswold, and California Mission. A few of Lindner's noteable commissions are the Lord Fairfax Apartments (1923), 3117-3133 Monument Avenue (all 1928), and 306 East Grace Street (1928).
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Carl M. Lindner Sr. architectural drawings and plans, (architectural drawing)
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  • 67 sheets
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Immediate source of acquisition
  • Carl M. Lindner, Jr. and Grace Lindner,
  • Carl M. Lindner, Jr. and Grace Lindner,
  • William A. Royall, Jr. and Pamela Kiecker
  • 41527
  • 42255
  • 44576
Other physical details
  • primarily pencil and paper, some blueprints
  • primarily pencil on paper, some blueprint and linen
  • blueprints; and specifications (52 leaves)
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