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Census records

Census records
Census records
This record describes the records found in the Census Record category. This is one of the eighteen major circuit court records groups
Forms part of the records of the Virginia Circuit Court. Record VASV94-A348 is a history of the Virginia Circuit Court.
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The census records group encompasses a small group of federal records created to enumerate population. The census was taken every ten years beginning in 1790. Most of the earliest ones for Virginia were destroyed by fire, only a few counties surviving for 1800 and eighteen counties missing for 1810. The types of information listed in these records varies -- the head of the household being the only named individual until 1850. Prior to that date, members of a household are numerically listed by age and sex, with slave holdings being similiarly grouped after 1820. Beginning in 1850 all free members of a household were listed by name, with age, sex, color, birthplace, and occupation being given. The value of real estate holdings were listed in 1850, personal property holdings were added in 1860; all this information on property holdings was dropped beginning in 1880. Relationship to the head of the household was listed beginning in 1880. In 1900 the month and year of birth was included, as was the number of years married and children born surviving. Various additional data was included on later census records. The types of census records include population schedules, slave schedules (1850-1860), agriculture schedule (1850-1880), industrial schedules (1820, 1850-1880), social statistics schedules (1850-1880), death schedules (1850-1880).
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Census records
This is not a record. It is background information for the records of the Virginia Circuit Court
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