The Resource Correspondence relating to the Armory

Correspondence relating to the Armory

Correspondence relating to the Armory, 1860-1861
Correspondence relating to the Armory
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  • Contains the following documents: a contract with the commissioners appointed by the state of Virginia for equipping the Armory (1860 Sept. 18); letter from Col. Charles Dimmock, Chief of Ordnance, to Gov. John Letcher, enclosing a report of Lt. Col. James H. Burton, State Armory, to Dimmock regarding the removal of machinery from Harpers Ferry (1861 June 17); resolutions adopted by the Convention of Virginia that the Governor turn over & transfer all machinery & stores captured by Virginia forces at Harpers Ferry to the Confederate States government (1861 June 29); letter from Capt. Briscoe G. Baldwin, State Armory, to Lt. Col. G. Deas, Assistant Adjutant General of Confederate Forces, requesting special duty with Maj. Gorgas, Chief of Artillery, C.S.A. (1861 July 5); letter of P. G. Coghlan, State Armory, to Gov. Letcher asking for a position following the transfer of the Armory & machinery to the Confederate government (1861 July 5); letter from Lt. Col. James H. Burton, State Armory, to Maj. J. Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance Dept., C.S.A., regarding a request for tools to repair arms at Winchester (1861 July 9); letter of S. Bassett French to Gov. Letcher (1861 July 9); letter of Lt. Col. James H. Burton to Col. Dimmock regarding the employment of John Mathews, late armorer at Harpers Ferry, at the State Armory (1861 July 11); letter of Lt. Col. Burton to Col. S. Bassett French requesting passes for G. F. Cross & F. P. Mauzy, agents at Winchester & Strasburg in forwarding machinery from Harpers Ferry to Richmond (1861 July 12);
  • Maj. J. Gorgas, Chief of Ordnance, C.S.A., to Solomon Adams, Master Armorer, regarding the delivery of lead from Harpers Ferry to W. S. Donner for transportation to the Laboratory of the Confederate States (1861 July 12); letter from George W. Munford, Secretary of the Commonwealth, to President Jefferson Davis regarding the transfer of machinery & stores captured at Harpers Ferry (1861 July 12); letter of George W. Munford to Col. C. Dimmock to turn over the machinery & stores to the President of the Confederate States (1861 July 13); letter of C. Dimmock to Munford enclosing his letter to the governor regarding powder (1861 July 17); letter of Briscoe G. Baldwin to Dimmock enclosing an inventory of small arms at the State Armory (1861 July 17); letter of Maj. Josiah Gorgas to Munford enclosing correspondence from Capt. T. G. Williams, Maj. H. L. Clay, Assistant Adjutant General, & Munford regarding powder taken at Lynchburg by the Confederate States government (1861 July 23); letter from Munford to Maj. J. Gorgas regarding the powder taken from Lynchburg (1861 July 23); letter from Munford to Dimmock regarding the transfer of machinery, tools, & materials taken from Harpers Ferry (1861 July 25); letter of Leroy P. Walker, Secretary of War, C.S.A., to Governor Letcher regarding the authorization of Maj. Gorgas to represent the Confederate States government in the transfer (1861 July 29); letter of Col. Dimmock to Governor Letcher regarding flint lock muskets belonging to the state (1861 July 31); letter of Edward S. Joynes, War Dept., to Munford regarding a written agreement for the transfer of machinery in the Richmond Armory (1861 Aug. 1); letter of L. P. Walker to Governor Letcher regarding the written agreement (1861 Aug. 1);
  • letter of Edward S. Joynes to Munford regarding the appointment of Col. A. T. Bledsoe as an additional commissioner to act in conjunction with Maj. Gorgas on behalf of the Confederate government in consummating the written agreement (1861 Aug. 2); letter of Col. Dimmock to Gov. Letcher enclosing the resignation of Lt. Col. James H. Burton to accept a commission as Superintendent of the Confederate Armory (1861 Aug. 2); inventory of issues from the Virginia State Armory from 1 April 1861 to 5 May 1861; letter of Munford to J. R. Tucker, Attorney General, the appointments of Col. A. T. Bledsoe & Maj. J. Gorgas to confer with him on the subject of the transfer along with Col. Dimmock (1861 Aug. 6); letter of J. R. Tucker to Gov. Letcher requesting instructions on the transfer of machinery including Letcher's response (1861 Aug. 16); letter of Supt. James H. Burton to Munford regarding the boundaries of the land on which the Armory stands (1861 Aug. 27); letter of Supt. Burton to J. R. Tucker regarding the search for plans relative to the Armory property (1861 Aug. 28); Supt. Burton to J. R. Tucker enclosing a sketch of the front wall of the Armory (1861 Aug. 29); letter of J. R. Tucker to Munford regarding rent for water (1861 Sept. 2); and a memorandum concerning proposed terms of transfer of the State Armory to the Confederate government (undated)
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The United States Arsenal at Harpers Ferry was seized by Virginia militia under Colonel Turner Ashby on April 18, 1861. All of the weapons, machinery, and stock were confiscated by the Confederate States government and transported to the Richmond Armory shortly thereafter. This massive task began in June 1861 under the direction of James H. Burton, Superintendent of the Richmond Armory. Once the materials were evacuated, Col. Joseph E. Johnston's troops burned the armory buildings and the Rifle Works. Some of the factory workers who stayed loyal to the south relocated to work in the Richmond Armory, while others went to Fayetteville, N.C.
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Correspondence relating to the Armory
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