The Resource Papers, 1854-1938

Papers, 1854-1938

Papers, 1854-1938
Papers, 1854-1938
  • Andrew Jackson Montague papers, 1854-1938, contain correspondence, financial records, letter books, newspaper clippings, pictures, printed materials, scrapbooks, and speeches chronicling Montague's career as a lawyer, U.S. Attorney for Western Virginia, Attorney General of Virginia, and United States Congressman. Papers highlight Montague's political career and his participation in the Carnegie Endowment for International peace and other organizations and conferences. Some papers concern Montague's activities as a trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and of George Washington University, as well as his teaching career at Richmond College
  • Series I: Letter books, 1887-1901, contain Montague's outgoing correspondence while a practicing attorney, U.S. Attorney for Western Virginia, and Attorney General of Virginia
  • Series II: Correspondence, 1854-1938, contains Montague's personal, professional, and political correspondence. Personal correspondence contains letters to and from family and friends. Professional correspondence contains letters contains correspondence regarding legal actions Montague was involved in as a lawyer and U.S. Attorney, as well as his duties as Attorney General. Political correspondence concerns Montague's campaigns for Attorney General, Governor, and Congress and details his struggles as a progressive Democrat against the political machine running Virginia, as well as national politics. Also addresses his duties as Congressman, including legislation. Contains sub-series: A: General Correspondence, 1854-1938; B: U.S. Attorney for Western Virginia; C: Attorney General, 1897-1902; D: Gubernatorial Campaign, 1900-1901; E: Board of Education, 1900-1901
  • Series III: Veterans' Claims, 1918-1936, concerns claims based on military service in various wars and consisting of papers sent to Montague as a Congressman for veterans, widows, and family members
  • Series IV: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1926-1935 contains correspondence, reports, and other materials concerning the endowment and its organization and operation
  • Series V: Applications and Recommendations, 1934-1936, contains corresopndence between Montague and constituents hoping to find work in the federal government. Also includes correspondence with government officials concerning job-seekers
  • Series VI: Speeches, 1892-1925, of Montague including political speeches and speeches to organizations. Includes his speech given when nominated for governor of Virginia and his inaugural address. Includes several speeches concerning the South
  • Series VII: Financial Records, 1889-1938, consisting of bills, receipts, check books, bank statements, and other financial records. Also includes business records, stock certificates, and insurance papers of Joseph W. Blanton
  • Series VIII: Miscellany contains campaign buttons and ephemera, certificates, genealogy notes, notes, passports, political papers, professorial papers, recipes, ribbons, schedules, voter lists, and other papers and items
  • Series IX: Pictures contain postcards, reproductions of paintings, and photographs of Montague, family members, and others
  • Series X: Printed Materials, 1842-1937, contain published pamphlets and articles concerning a wide range of topics, including Virginia politics and history; American politics and history; prominent Virginians and Americans; education; genealogy, and other topics
  • Series XI: Scrapbooks, 1883-1916, contain clippings concerning Virginia and national politics and consisting mainly of newspaper clippings. Some topics are general assembly elections; the Danville riots; presidential campaigns; party platforms; tariffs; labor; wages; trusts; currency; Montague's gubernatorial campaign and his inauguration; the 1901-1902 state constitutional convention; Woodrow Wilson; Germany; Mexico; and World War I
  • Series XII: Newspaper Clippings, 1897-1938, containing clippings covering Andrew Jackson Montague's political career and service as Attorney General, Governor, and Congressman. They also cover Virginia and national politics. Clippings also cover history, economics, and other topics
  • Principal and noteable correspondents in the papers include: Lyman Abbot, R.L. Ailworth, Edwin A. Alderman, William A. Anderson, William W. Appleton, B.B. Blackford, F.W. Boatwright, Charles C. Burlingham, Nicholas Murray Butler, Harry F. Byrd, P.D. Camp, William E. Dodd, Charles W. Eliot, James T. Ellyson, Carter Glass, Albert Bushnell Hart, George F. Hoar, Eppa Hunton, Jr., William A. Jones, Robert M. LaFollette, S.C. Mitchell, Robert C. Ogden, Walter H. Page, J.C. Parker, General W.H. Payne, George Foster Peabody, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Charles H. Ryland, James Brown Scott, Abram P. Staples, Claude A. Swanson, William H. Taft, James L. Tredway, Henry St. George Tucker, J. Hoge Tyler, Joseph E. Willard, Woodrow Wilson, and John S. Wise
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Andrew Jackson Montague was born 3 October 1862 in Campbell County, Virginia. He graduated from Richmond College in 1882 and from the University of Virginia law school in 1885. Montague entered private practice in Danville, Virginia, then was appointed U.S. attorney for Western Virginia in 1893. Montague served as Virginia's Attorney General from 1898 to 1902 and as Virginia's Governor from 1902 to 1906. Defeated as a senatorial candidate in 1905, Montague served as dean of the Richmond College law school from 1906 to 1909, and practiced law in Richmond, Virginia, from 1909 to 1913. Elected to the U.S. Congress in 1913, Montague served until his death on 24 January 1937 in Urbana, Virginia. He also served in several international organizations and attended several international conferences. Montague married Elizabeth Lyne Hoskins in 1889 and they had three children.
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Robert Lynch Montague papers, 1882-1914 (LVA accession 22001a).
Papers, 1854-1938
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Montague, Elizabeth Hoskins
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Organized into the following series: I: Letter books, 1887-1901. II: Correspondence, 1854-1938. III: Veterans' Claims, 1918-1936. IV: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1926-1935. V: Applications and Recommendations, 1934-1936. VI: Speeches. VII: Financial Records, 1889-1938. VIII: Miscellany. IX: Pictures. X: Printed Materials, 1842-1937. XI: Scrapbooks. XII: Newspaper Clippings, 1897-1938.
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