The Resource Records of the Policy Office of Governor Timothy M. Kaine

Records of the Policy Office of Governor Timothy M. Kaine

Records of the Policy Office of Governor Timothy M. Kaine, 2002-2010 (bulk 2006-2009)
Records of the Policy Office of Governor Timothy M. Kaine
Inclusive dates
2002-2010 (bulk 2006-2009)
  • The Policy Office Records of Governor Timothy M. Kaine are housed in 177 boxes. The collection is arranged into five (5) series. Series have been designated for: I. Decision Briefs; II. Regulations; III. Legislative Files; IV. Executive Orders and Directives; and V. Policy Analyst Files. These records include agendas, decision briefs, correspondence, memorandums, legislative files, briefing books, meeting notes, subject files, reports, talking points and regulations. These records document the legislative and policy priorities of the Kaine administration (2006-2010). This collection also includes records from Governor Mark Warner's administration (2002-2006)
  • Series I. Decision Briefs, 2005-2010 (accession 44690) is housed in 6 boxes and is arranged alphabetically by cabinet secretary. Within each secretary, the records are mostly filed in chronological order. The series consists of decision briefs, requests, recommendations, background information and supporting documents including correspondence and legislative citations
  • This series documents Governor Kaine's responses to requests from Executive Branch agencies for expenditure of funds from various sources controlled by the Governor's Office, approval of bond sales, letters from the Governor, and issuance of executive orders. Each Decision Brief usually includes: a description of the request including background material, discussion, and conclusions by the Policy Office; a recommendation from Richard D. Brown, Director, Department of Planning and Budget; and concurrence from Secretary of Finance Jody M. Wagner, the cabinet secretary overseeing requesting agency, and the Director of Policy (Brian Sheppard), Counselor to the Governor (Lawrence Roberts, 2006-2009 and Mark E. Rubin, 2009-2010) and Chief of Staff (William H. Leighty, 2006-2007 and Wayne Turnage, 2007-2010). If all concur, the Governor then signs the brief. (Extent: 2.10 cu. ft.)
  • Series II. Regulations, 2003-2010 (accession 44690) is housed in 42 boxes and is arranged by cabinet secretary and alphabetically by state agency therein. The series consists of regulation review forms, memorandums, recommendations, and summary of regulations
  • This series documents the Kaine Administration's executive branch review of Virginia's Regulatory Process. Before a regulation become available for public comment on Town Hall, Virginia's regulatory web site, it often undergoes review by the Department of Planning and Budget, the responsible Cabinet Secretary and the Governor (via the Policy Office). The Office of the Attorney General also may review the regulation. Each regulation reviewed by the Policy Office usually includes a Regulatory Review Form, memorandum(s) from the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) and the Town Hall posting. (Extent: 14.70 cu. ft.)
  • Series III. Legislative Files, 2006-2009 (accession 44701) is housed in 96 boxes and is arranged chronologically by legislative session. This series documents the Governor's Policy Office review of all legislation introduced by the General Assembly during the Kaine administration. Each file usually contains the text of each bill including any amendments, bill tracking information, Governor's Summaries (prepared by the Division of Legislative Services), Legislative Action Summaries (for bills tabled, withdrawn or killed in committee), Governor's Policy Office Enrolled Bill Review Forms, Enrolled Bill Reviews (by Cabinet Secretary), Department of Planning and Budget Fiscal Impact Statements, Attorney General's Recommendations to the Governor and other miscellaneous legislation-related documents which explain in detail various bills brought before and voted upon by the General Assembly. In addition to providing the policy positions and decisions of the Kaine administration, the Legislative Files may also be useful to researchers in determining legislative intent. (Extent: 33.60 cu. ft.)
  • Series IV. Executive Directives and Executive Orders, 2006-2010 (accession 44690) is housed in two boxes and is arranged numericaly by directive or order number. This series contains the original, signed executive orders. Digital pdf files of the Kaine Administration's Executive Directives and Orders are available on the Library of Virginia's digital collections page. However, many of the 2006 exectutive orders in this series also include an Executive Order Approval Form. This form documents the need for the executive order, summary of major provisions and recommendations by cabinet secretary, policy office analyst, Policy Director, Counselor and Chief of Staff. Unlike Executive Orders, Executive Directives do not have the force of law. Governor Kaine issued nine Executive Directives and 110 Executive Orders during his administration. The series consists of executive directives, executive orders and executive order approval forms. (Extent: 0.70 cu. ft.)
  • Series V. Policy Analyst Files, 2002-2009 (accession 44690) is housed in 31 boxes and is arranged into seven (7) subseries. Subseries have been designated for: A. William L. Murray, Deputy Policy Director and Legislative Director; B. Suzette Denslow, Deputy Policy Director and Legislative Director; C. Barbara Reese, Deputy Policy Director; D. Gena Boyle, Special Assistant to the Governor for Policy; E. Steven Gould, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor for Policy; F. Reference Material; and G. Megan Root. The Analyst Files filed kept their records by subject and/or by analyst. In some instances the files of one analyst are interfieled within the records of another. This is noted in the subseries description. The series consists of correspondence, memorandum, legislative files, background information, reports, briefing books, presenations, e-mail, talking points, agendas and subject files. This series documents the activities of individual policy analysts and the development of policy during the Kaine Administration. Several policy analysts also worked for Governor Mark R. Warner (2002-2006) and their files included records from his administration. Researchers are advised to read the description for each subseries. (Extent: 9.86 cu. ft.)
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The Policy Office is a division of the Office of the Governor in the Executive Branch of Virginia state government. During Governor Tim Kaine's administration, the Policy Office was responsible for planning and implementing the Governor's policy initiatives, including proposed legislation, as well as overseeing the Administration's response to legislation and initiatives proposed by legislators and other interested parties, managing the Governor's Office review of regulations and developing and issuing executive orders and executive directors. On 11 January 2006, Governor-elect Kaine named Brian Sheppard, then Lt. Governor Kaine's chief of staff, to serve as Policy Director. The Policy Director was assisted in his responsibilities by a Legislative Director/Deputy Policy Director (William L. Murray, January 2006-May 2007; Suzette Denslow, May 2007-January 2009; and Barbara Reese, January 2009-January 2010), Senior Advisor (Mark E. Rubin) and Policy Staff (Steven Gould, 2006-2007; Felix Safro-Katanka, Jr., 2006-2007; Gena Boyle, January 2006-December 2009; Maribel Ramos, 2006-2007; Joyce Walton; Jennie Moline, 2006-2009; Hayes Framme, 2006-2008; Marc Cheatham; and Megan Root).
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Records of the Policy Office of Governor Timothy M. Kaine
  • These records are part of the Governor's Office record group (RG#3)
  • Dates of record-keeping activity: 2006-2010
  • The Decision Briefs, Regulations and Legislative Files series have been processed using minimal processing standards: the records have not been refoldered and the original order maintained
  • The Library of Virginia
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Privacy protected and confidential information is restricted from public access for 75 years per Code of Virginia 42.1-78, 2.2-3801 and 2.2-3705.4(2). Types of restricted information may include, but are not limited to: education records and attorney-client communications. The Policy Analyst Files of Steven Gould contain education records. Office of the Attorney General legislative recommendations are restricted from public access for 75 years per Code of Virginia 42.1-78 but have not been removed from the collection
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Office of the Governor
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Organized into the following series: I. Decision Briefs, 2005-2010; II. Regulations, 2003-2010; III. Legislative Files, 2006-2009; IV. Executive Orders and Directives, 2006-2010; and V. Policy Analyst Files, 2002-2009.
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