The Resource Southern women and their families in the 19th century : Papers and diaries, Series G: | pt. 2:, Holdings of the University of Virginia Library | Central Piedmont Virginia, consulting editor, Anne Firor Scott, (microform/)

Southern women and their families in the 19th century : Papers and diaries, Series G: | pt. 2:, Holdings of the University of Virginia Library | Central Piedmont Virginia, consulting editor, Anne Firor Scott, (microform/)

Southern women and their families in the 19th century : Papers and diaries, Series G: | pt. 2:, Holdings of the University of Virginia Library | Central Piedmont Virginia
Southern women and their families in the 19th century
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Papers and diaries
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  • Series G:
  • pt. 2:
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  • Holdings of the University of Virginia Library
  • Central Piedmont Virginia
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consulting editor, Anne Firor Scott
  • This microfilm publication consists of fifty-six manuscript collections from the holdings of the University of Virginia Library, focusing on the experiences of women and their families living in Virginia between 1810 and 1918. The collections contain letters, journals, financial ledgers and receipts, scrapbooks, wills and other legal documents, short stories and novels, biographical papers, genealogical notes, and other materials. Topics covered include the University of Virginia, courtship, the Civil War, slavery, children and childbirth, education, health and sickness, genealogy, literature, and Reconstruction. The collections are as follows:
  • Baker Family Papers, 1781-1921, contain business and estate papers of Martin Baker, Sr. and Martin Baker, Jr., of Gordonsville, Orange County, Virginia, and genealogical notes on the Baker, Swift and Omohundro families. A main subject in the collection is the abusive marriage of Lucinda Baker Ellett (Misc. Reel 5147)
  • Ada P. Bankhead Collection, 1805-1865, consists of papers relating to the sale of slaves and desertion of emancipated African Americans during the Civil War, in addition to correspondence of the Bankhead and Hume families of Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi (Misc. Reel 5147)
  • Mrs. Byron Banks Ledger, 1885-1933, Prince William County, containing notes of the Bethel Amateur Literary and Dramatic Club, as well as accounts with freedman John Butler (Misc. Reel 5147)
  • Barringer Family Papers, 1828-1963, contain the papers of Paul Brandon Barringer, professor of medicine at the University of Virginia and president of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, as well as information on Rufus Barringer's imprisonment at Fort Delaware during the Civil War, life at boarding schools in the 1870's, and slavery (Misc. Reel 5147-5153)
  • The papers of the Booker, Dabney, and Perkins Family of Albemarle and Henrico Counties, Virginia, and also Mississippi, 1850-1870, include financial papers and family correspondence (Misc. Reel 5153)
  • Booker Family Papers, 1863-1879, consists of banking records of James M. Booker of Lynchburg, as well as correspondence on political matters
  • Rachel Branham Collection, 1852-1890, includes correspondence of Rachel Branham of Scottsville, Albemarle County, Virginia, with Confederate soldiers, and covers topics such as military battles, camp life, and capital punishment (Misc. Reel 5153)
  • Robert S. Brooke Papers, 1792-1927, consists of family correspondence written primarily while Brooke served in the Virginia General Assembly representing Augusta County. His wife, Margaret Lyle Brooke, ran the plantation in his absence, and her letters include discussions of disciplining slaves and the hiring out of slave labor (Misc. Reels 5153-5154)
  • Caroline Morrill Brown Memoirs, 1910, include her recorded experiences as a nanny for the Maury family of Albemarle County in 1860. She writes about food shortages, conditions at the University of Virginia, typhoid fever, working in a Confederate hospital, and the hostility she faced as a northerner in Virginia during the Civil War (Misc. Reel 5154)
  • Papers, 1858-1901, of the Cleaveland Family of Albemarle County, containing music programs from various recitals (Misc. Reel 5154)
  • Coolidge-Randolph Collection, ca. 1810-1861, focuses on the correspondence of Ellen Wayles Randolph, granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson and daughter of Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph. Her early social life, and the health of her grandfather are covered, as well as the debt the family incurred before and after his death. She also writes about the birth of her children, and the difficulty in finding suitable nurses to care for them (Misc. Reels 5154-5155)
  • A letter, 22 August 1899, from Alice Davis White of Loudoun County, Virginia to Lucy Minor Davis at the University of Virginia concerning recent social events and a family illness (Misc. Reel 5155)
  • John Warwick Daniel Papers, 1816-1936, consist primarily of his correspondence. Daniel served under Jubal Early in the Civil War, and was seriously injured during the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. Afterwards, he studied at the University of Virginia, and was involved in politics, serving in the United States Senate from 1885 until his death in 1910. Other topics covered include marriage, Confederate veterans, and African American voting rights (Misc. Reels 5155-5162)
  • Eugene Davis Family Papers, 1744-1925, include letters written to him while serving with the Confederate Army and being held prisoner at Camp Lookout, Maryland. Other topics include slave insurrections and temperance (Misc. Reel 5163)
  • Douglass Family Papers, 1731-1900, contains correspondence between John M. Douglass and his wife Sarah White Douglass of Greene County, Virginia, while he was serving in the Confederate Army. Topics include business ventures, family relationships, personal finances, and government appointments (Misc. Reels 5163-5164)
  • Eddins Family Papers, 1847-1863, contains Civil War letters from John F. Carpenter. The geographic area covered includes King George County and Richmond, Virginia (Misc. Reel 5164)
  • Edgehill School for Girls, Albemarle County, Virginia, Letters, 1864, includes correspondence between two young students on topics such as Christmas and the sale of slaves (Misc. Reel 5164)
  • Letter, 8 November 1824, from Jane E. Ferguson of Albemarle County concerning the Marquis de Lafayette and the University of Virginia (Misc. Reel 5164)
  • Miscellaneous Virginia Papers, 1826-1950, including a letter from Mrs. J. H. Fultz requesting financial support for the daughter of her African American cook (Misc. Reel 5164)
  • Thomas Garland Papers, 1820-1870, contains financial records of Thomas and Jane Garland of Albemarle County and Richmond, Virginia (Misc. Reels 5164-5165)
  • Sallie Gwathmey Postcards, written to her in the late 1800's by individuals in Campbell County and Richmond, Virginia (Misc. Reel 5165)
  • Hubard-Randolph-Carter Family Papers, 1832-1941, document the courtship and marriage of James L. Hubard and Isaetta Carter Randolph of Albemarle County. He soon enlisted afterwards, as did his brother, and Isaetta's brother. The collection contains correspondence between her and all three men. The letters written after the Civil War relate to the large size of the Hubard family and the financial strain. Other topics include railroads, education, and agriculture (Misc. Reels 5165-5169)
  • The scrapbook, 1860, of Fannie Page Hume of Orange County, Virginia, contains poetry clippings. There is also an autograph album (Misc. Reel 5169)
  • The Johnston-Wright Family Papers, 1858-1900, includes documents on carpetbaggers and James Johnston's work in a mill in Albemarle County (Misc. Reel 5169)
  • Ann Maury Collection, 1790's-1850's, contains prints, drawings, and greeting cards (Misc. Reel 5169)
  • Maury Family Papers, 1807-1872, contains correspondence on the slave trade and white servants in Buckingham County, Virginia (Misc. Reel 5169)
  • Jane Maury Maverick Recollections of Piedmont, 1940, contains recollections of Maverick's childhood during the Civil War in Albemarle County (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Maury Family Papers, 1793-1874, focuses on the correspondence of Matthew Fontaine Maury on topics including his appointment as assistant civil engineer and an accident on the Mississippi Central Railroad (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Septimia Randolph Meikleham Papers, ca. 1700-1870, contains letters to her relatives. Of particular interest are letters from Ellen Bankhead Carter describing her marriage and first pregnancy in detail. Efforts to sponsor a bill to aid the heirs of Thomas Jefferson is also covered in the collection (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Septimia Randolph Meikleham Letters, 1882-1886, contains correspondence on her attempts to get legislation benefitting her family approved, as well as family weddings, illnesses, and travels (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Meikleham Family Papers, 1790-1915, include letters relating to Septimia Meikleham's trips to Cuba and Scotland (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Mary Berkeley Minor's Memoirs, undated, contain her thoughts and recollections on topics including the abolitionist movement, Civil War, Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln, temperance, and the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Mary Willis Minor's Manuscript, ca. 1887, gives an account of a young African American girl, and Minor's successful attempt to transfer her from jail to an asylum in Washington, D.C. (Misc. Reel 5170)
  • Minor Family Papers, 1826-1892, and the Minor-Wilson Family Papers, 1800-1936, focus on the education of John B. Minor (1813-1895), his law partnership, and professorship at the University of Virginia. Also included is correspondence of his children which documents their courtship and wedding planning, as well as information on the religious conversion and death of John Davis Minor (Misc. Reels 5170-5182)
  • Page-Walker Family Papers, 1742-1886 (Misc. Reels 5182-5183)
  • Payne Family Papers, 1849-1947, consists primarily of letters to Betty V. Jones Payne from her family, friends, and husband William J. Payne. Topics include the University of Virginia, Methodist Church, the Whig Convention of 1852, preaching, and runaway slaves (Misc. Reel 5183)
  • Preston-Davis Family Papers, 1840-1900, focus on the life of Thomas Lewis Preston (1812-1903), and his relations. Subjects include childbirth and children, and later correspondence relates to the military service of Rev. Richard T. Davis. The Episcopal Church and education also figure prominently in the collection (Misc. Reels 5183-5189)
  • Rives Family Papers, 1791-1908, contain letters of author Judith Page Walker Rives to her young children, Alfred Landon and Amelie, and financial papers of her husband William Cabell Rives. Also included are several manuscripts and drafts by Judith Page Walker Rives (Misc. Reels 5189-5193)
  • Amelie Rives (Troubetzkoy) Manuscript, pre-1888); Letter, 1927; Volume, 1887-1930's; Papers, 1920's-1930's; Manuscript, 1905; Papers, 1853-1950 (Misc. Reel 5193)
  • William Cabel Rives Papers, 1861-1865, contains correspondence between Rives, his wife Judith Page Walker Rives, and Sadie Rives (Misc. Reel 5193)
  • Rives Family Papers, 1822-1945, includes correspondence between Judith Page Walker Rives, William Cabell Rives, and their children. There are also invitations to various events (Misc. Reel 5193)
  • Rives Family Letters, 1832-1882, consists of correspondence between Judith Page Walker Rives, William Cabell Rives, William Cabell Rives, Jr., and Amelie Rives Sigourney, as well as a manuscript of "History of the Life and Times of James Madison." Other topics include impressions of African Americans during Reconstruction, and travels in Europe (Misc. Reels 5193-5194)
  • Thomas Lafayette Rosser Papers, 1764-1983, includes correspondence while he commanded a Confederate regiment at the Second Battle of Bull Run, South Mountain, and Gettysburg, and post-war letters while he was with the Northern Pacific Railroad. Later correspondence of his descendants covers engagements and business ventures, and genealogical research on the Rosser family (Misc. Reels 5194-5200)
  • Margaret Dunnington Sloan Letter, 28 October 1895, describes the rotunda fire at Hollins Institute (Misc. Reel 5201)
  • Toole Family Papers, 1860-1901, contains correspondence on topics including genealogy, poetry, and photography (Misc. Reel 5201)
  • Trist, Burke, and Randolph Collection, 1721-1969, includes correspondence on topics such as the Civil War, slavery, marriage, and travel, written by Hore Browse Trist, Tryphena Pendarves, Nicholas P. Trist, and Virginia Randolph Trist (Misc. Reels 5201-5202)
  • Wallace, Rogers, Woodson, and Carter Family Papers, 1799-1884, consists primarily of correspondence between Deborah Logan and Deborah Norris Woodson, and letters from Confederate soldiers (Misc. Reel 5202-5203)
  • Susan Colston Wilson Papers, 1862-1918, includes materials while she was at the New York School of Fine and Applied Art, and then serving as a reconstruction aide in France after World War I. She also worked at the Brooklyn State Hospital, and attended Columbia University and Hunter College. There are also letters of her parents John Wilson and Susan Colston Minor (Misc. Reels 5203-5204)
  • Young-Munford-Ellis Family Papers, 1789-1940, includes personal correspondence, business papers, and poetry. Principal figures are Powhatan Ellis and George Wythe Munford, writing primarily about the Civil War (Misc. Reels 5204-5205)
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Southern women and their families in the 19th century : Papers and diaries, Series G: | pt. 2:, Holdings of the University of Virginia Library | Central Piedmont Virginia, consulting editor, Anne Firor Scott, (microform/)
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