1827-1867, 1986
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1827-1867, 1986
  • Records, 1827-1867, 1986, including registers of classes, a church register, quarterly conference book, trustees' book, leaders' book, stewards' books, and an analysis of baptismal and death records compiled in 1986
  • Registers of classes, 1827-1857, consisting of three volumes. 1) 1827-1837, containing list of church officers, class leaders, and classes. Pages 62-68 list the entire membership for 1834. The church was known as Shockoe Hill Station during this period (Accession 25147). 2) 1838-1850, containing lists of church officers, classes, and class leaders. Complete membership rolls are entered for the period, 1846-1849, during which the church moved from Shockoe Hill and became Centenary (Accession 25148). 3) 1850-1857, containing lists of church officers, classes and class leaders, and probationers' lists. Page 99 contains a brief list of baptisms. This volume, entitled "Church Book for Centenary Station," is one of the last of the old style class books (Accession 25149)
  • Church register, 1858-1866, containing records of baptisms, marriages, probationers, and the membership list arranged alphabetically. A record of the classes follows the membership roll. The arrangement of the register is in accordance with the standard recommended form of 1857. (Accession 25153)
  • Quarterly Conference book, 1827-1837, containing minutes that cover the period, 22 March 1827-23 September 1837. This volume is the earliest existing administrative record of Shockoe Hill Station, as the church was then known. (Accession 25155)
  • Trustees' book, 1839-1863, containing minutes that cover the period, 11 May 1841-12 January 1863. The minutes record in detail the business necessary in the move from Shockoe Hill Church to Centenary Church and the change of the name as a tribute to Wesleyan Methodism, marking its hundredth year in 1839. Page 18 ff. contains a "Circular" explaining the necessity for and procedure to be followed in renting pews. (Accession 25150)
  • Leaders' book, 1847-1853, containing minutes that cover the period, 1 February 1847-5 December 1853. Although not designated as such, this volume is in effect a record of official board meetings which were held weekly as a rule to review the work of the classes and to look after needy persons in the church, among other things. (Accession 25154)
  • Stewards' books, 1843-1867, consisting of two volumes. 1) 1843-1857, containing minutes of the Board of Stewards covering the period, 29 September 1843-14 November 1857, and minutes of the Quarterly Conferences, 1 January 1845-14 September 1857. The minutes of each body were entered regularly in chronological order. During this period missions established by Centenary became active at Clay Street, Oregon, and Sidney chapels. Official recognition was given to the break with churches in the North in the Quartely Conference entry of 18 January 1847 (Accession 25151). 2) 1857-1867, containing the minutes of the Board of Stewards covering the period, 7 December 1857-1 April 1867 and the minutes of the Quarterly Conferences, 21 December [1857?]-22 January [1866?]. Minutes of both bodies are entered in chronological order, but are not always complete. Reports received by the Board of Stewards deal primarily with financial matters, especially pew rent (Accession 25152)
  • Analysis of baptism and death records, 1888-1971. Compiled by R. Ilene Hammond, 1986. (Accession 32734)
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The date of the origin of Centenary United Methodist Church is given as 8 December 1810, when the original trustees acquired title to a lot to build a new church known as the Methodist Meetinghouse on Shockoe Hill or the Shockoe Hill Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1839-1841, the church was moved to a new building and changed its name to Centenary. For more information see, METHODIST CHURCH ON SHOCKOE HILL: A HISTORY OF CENTENARY METHODIST CHURCH, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, 1810-1960, by Floyd S. Bennett, 1962.
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