Inclusive dates
  • Congregation book, 1787-1824, containing accounts, 1787-1789; financial records of the distribution of the various church funds; session minutes (South Side), 1822-1824; membership lists and baptisms (South Side), 1821-1823; and entries showing birth dates of slaves, 1774-1823. These records do not represent a typical congregational meeting record book. (Accession 19964)
  • Sessional record, 1797-1833, including minutes which cover the period, 12 May 1797-2 February 1833; and two membership lists, 1807 (p. 157) and 1826 (p. 154). The minutes from 10 June 1826-2 February 1833, overlap with the first seven years in Accession 20081, Sessional Record, 1826-1840. This volume also notes a plan originating in 1767 which called for the purchase of slaves to support the ministry. (Accession 20080)
  • Sessional record, 1826-1840, including minutes which cover the period, 10 June 1826-14 August 1840; admission of members; baptisms; and membership lists for the North Side of the Appomattox and for the South Side. The minutes from 10 June 1826-2 February 1833, have been transcribed from Sessional Record, 1797-1833 (Accession 20080). The 1835 records include a petition to the West Hanover Presbytery for a division of Cumberland Church and a resolution that states the conditions under which the church's slaves may or may not be sold. Other churches mentioned in the session minutes include: Guinea, Brown's, Centre, Tar Wallet, Booker's, and Midway. (Accession 20081)
  • Sessional record, 1840-1900, including minutes which cover the period, 24 October 1840-23 October 1864 and 23 August 1884-7 January 1900; lengthy membership lists, 1841-1860, showing changes by marriage, death, and dismissal; and baptisms, 1842-1865 and 1885-1896. Pages 5-6 include a transcription made in 1846 of papers related to the division of the congregation in 1835. (Accession 19962)
  • Congregation and session book, 1844-1884, including minutes which cover the period, 8 November 1844-27 April 1884; membership lists, 1842-1881 and 1845; and baptisms, 1844-1869 and 1870-1883. Entered among the membership lists are minutes for some of the dates missing in the regular sequence. (Accession 19963)
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Cumberland Presbyterian Church is believed to have been organized about 1750 and embraced an area that not only included a portion of Cumberland County, but also part of the area which became Prince Edward County in 1753. In 1835, having petitioned the Presbytery at various times, the members of Cumberland Church were permitted to have two organizations separated by the Appomattox River. The area north of the river remained in the old Cumberland Church and the area south of the river was constituted as Hanover Church (or College Church) with two congregations - Hanover Church (or College Church) and Farmville Church.
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