The Resource Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Vivian Platsky Davit Michel

Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Vivian Platsky Davit Michel

Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Vivian Platsky Davit Michel, 1967-1982
Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Vivian Platsky Davit Michel
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  • This collection consists of unclaimed property personal papers (Accession 50624) delivered to the Virginia Dept. of the Treasury from banks, executors, administrators or any other safekeeping repositories who have come into the possession of unclaimed property. Typically these personal papers will include correspondence, financial records, and legal or business papers from estates with unknown heirs
  • Lot 13359 contains documents from Vivian Platsky's time in France, including a marriage contract in French between her and Dominique Davit in 1974, a birth certificate issued by the State Department for Damien Davit in Sep. 1974, a divorce decree in French between Davit and Vivian in 1975, and a series of telegrams and letters between Platsky and the State Department and among state officials including Senators J. Glenn Beall and Charles Mathias regarding Platsky's request for assistance in returning to the United States with her son after her divorce, and later her attempts to recover property left behind, from 1974-1975
  • The lot also contains records from Platsky's legal and economic struggles after returning to the United States, including a custody struggle after her son was removed by the state. Documents include: two stray pages from legal cases, one from a custody case between Charles A. Eaves and Vivian Platsky in 1978, and the other from a circuit court in Rockville; arrest warrants and bond documents from an abusive language charge and a fugitive of justice charge, 1979-1980; a petition for writ of habeas corpus signed by Vivian Platsky on behalf of Damien Davit-Michel, against state custody; annotated photocopy of a page from the Code of Virginia; letters and records related to medical and housing assistance, including a sworn statement by Dorothy H. Cornes that Vivian Davit-Michel had been denied fair housing and a letter to Vivian D. Michel from Robert C. Wheeler, planning division chief of the Arlington County Department of Community Affairs, with the second page covered by Vivian's notes for her response; and two annotated photocopies of a press release about Vivian's custody case issued by the Government Accountability Project, 1981
  • Several documents are connected to Vivian's work as an artist, done under the name Vivi. These include a copy of an article from the 'villaneuve-les-avignon' and a copy of a blurb on an art exhibit by Vivian at the Thunderbird bookstore in Carmel Valley, 1971; a deed of gift issued to Ville de Cassis with a certificate for "Le Chat", a work by Vivi, 1981; a laminated card with a small painting and a photograph of Vivi; and a note from the Four Seasons Hotel in DC regarding Vivi's offer to paint a floral arrangement in the lobby
  • Miscellaneous other records include a travel and meeting expense statement for Vivian Davit on a trip to Paris and Aix en Provence for PIA Inc, with a total of $500,000, approved by Charles Eaves; a letter from Robert Sevila of Kuykendall, Costello & Hanes, P. C. to Vivi Michel, advising her that he does not represent Mr. Eaves and that she should forward mail directly to him; a group hospitalization indemnity certificate for Charles A. Eaves and Vivian M. Eaves; a letter to Vivian Platsky from Bonnie Stanton, assistant registrar of Westport CT, in response to Vivian's request for information on Lillian Lerner; and a letter to Vivian Michel from the First American Bank of Virginia responding to her attempt to open an account for a Mr. Prats via letter, all from 1981. There are also photographs, including several of Damien from 1972-1973, a photograph of Vivian and an unnamed friend taken in Florence, Italy, and several group shots taken between 1967 and 1980. Two of the photographs were defaced; in one a woman's head was cut off, and in another one person in a group shot was covered in white-out
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The Treasurer is the custodian of any property presumed abandoned and remitted to the state's custody for safekeeping. The intangible personal property is retained by the Treasurer after being declared unclaimed, for eventual delivery to the person claiming an interest in said property pursuant to Sections 55-210.20 through 55-210.22 of the Code of Virginia. Per Library of Virginia retention schedule 152-006, intangible personal property records are retained by the Dept. of Treasury for 20 years and then any records deemed archival are transferred to the Library of Virginia for permanent retention.
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Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Vivian Platsky Davit Michel
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