The Resource Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Carl J. Ferraro, Jr.

Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Carl J. Ferraro, Jr.

Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Carl J. Ferraro, Jr., 1919-1974
Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Carl J. Ferraro, Jr.
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  • This collection consists of unclaimed property personal papers (Accession 50624) delivered to the Virginia Dept. of the Treasury from banks, executors, administrators or any other safekeeping repositories who have come into the possession of unclaimed property. Typically these personal papers will include correspondence, financial records, and legal or business papers from estates with unknown heirs
  • Lot 12319 contains rental receipts from the Central National Bank made out to Carl J. Ferraro Jr or Nettie R. Reed, 1974; military and patient records for Charlie Rafferty, 1919-1958; birth registrations for Dorothy Elena Rafferty in 1926, Carl Joseph Ferraro Jr in 1948, and Gaile Elaine Ferraro in 1951, as well as hospital birth cards for the Ferraro boys born 1948, 1958 and 1960, and a hospital birth certificate for Patrick Rafferty Ferraro, 1960; a statment naming Richard Franklin Heflebower as a Mormon elder, including a line of authority traced back to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery from Peter, James, and John, 1960, and a certificate of baptism and confirmation and a certificate of ordinartion in the LDS Church for Carl Joseph Ferraro Jr, 1963; a series of records and letters from the selective service system, 1966-69, including letters requestion Ferraro's exemption due to his mother's dependence on his support and a letter postponing Ferraro's induction; an IBM card punch reference manual with handwritten notes and annotations, interfiled notes on astrology charters, and a certificate for Ferraro from the Richmond Automation Institute, 1966; a series of records from the Civil Service Commission related to Ferraro's work as a temporary clerk, his application for a position as a mail clerk, and his work as a federal services clerk at the Federal Housing Administration, 1966-68; a certification from Xerox 914 as a Key Operator, 1968; a letter sent to Ted Lansing and copied to Ferraro by the Bank of Virginia regarding an overdrawn joint account, 1968; a returned check and police complaint made by the Jewel Room against Ferraro for trying to obtain merchandise with a worthless check, 1968; and a subpoena summoning Ferraro to testify as a witness against Julius Lucas, 1969
  • The first folder also contains letters from Ferraro's eventual induction into and service in the U.S. Army, including his allotment authorization, travel and pay vouchers, a program from his basic training graduation ceremony, vaccination history, and discharge records, 1969-1970; a summarized record of trial for Ferraro's court-martial, including the charge, an approved request for trial before a military judge alone, and a transcript, 1970; a policy from the Home Beneficial Life Insurance Company, including an amendment form naming Dorothy Rafferty Binkman, Anne Callahan Simmons, Michael Angelo Ferraro, Brenda Lee Simmons, Deborah Anne Simmons, and Nettie Rafferty Reed as beneficiaries, 1970-1974; a marriage certificate for Carl Joseph Ferraro Jr and Diane Grubbs McMahon, 1971; annulment records for Diane and Carl Ferraro, an agreement to pay Diane M. McMahon $10,000, and an invoice from lawyer Leon Ely for the matter of Ferraro vs Ferraro, all dated 1971; a copy of Ferraro's application for GED tests, 1973; and a flyer supporting Nick Ferraro for Queens D.A
  • The second folder contains a copy of the birth certificate for Jay Michael Sisk, 1945; and a series of correspondence from Michael Sisk to Carl Ferraro, including notes, letters, memos, and cards. Several of the notes and cards refer to Michael as husband or Carl as wife, particularly those dated 1966. A letter from 1968 enclosed photographs, and a letter from 1972 enclosed a series of slides. The folder also includes a wedding invitation sent to Ferraro from Jay Michael Sisk and Brenda Sue Griffith, 1969; and a graduation announcement for Thomas Dale High School with enclosed cards for Linda Sue Gemundt and Gaile Elaine Ferraro and a wedding announcement for Gaile Ferraro and Raymond Louis Gemundt, 1970
  • The third folder contains several photographs of Michael Sisk, sometimes with another young man, presumably Ferraro; some of the photographs are dated between 1965 and 1967, and identifiable locations include Colonial Williamsburg and Lurray Caverns. The folder also contains a copy of the Fire Alarm Rules and Regulations of the Borough of Sharpsburg 1970-1971; a clipping from 1972 naming Michael Ferraro as a fire chief in Sharpsburg; a series of letters from Carl Ferraro Sr. and Sheryl and Pat from Pittsburgh, 1970-1972; a letter from Carl to the US Army Financial Center, 1971; and an appraisal of a diamond ring at Cowardin's jewelers, a handwritten note about the engagement ring CJ gave to Dee, and Christmas and birthday cards sent from Dee, Trey, Kevin, and Sean McMahon to Carl Ferraro, all dated 1971. There are also a set of newspaper clippings, including the obituaries of Nellie Wood Lasley and William W. Rudd, a wedding notice for Jeannette Faye Ownby and Ronald Lorraine Rust, the suspension of F. Lee Bailey from practicing law in New Jersey for one year, a column about St Patrick's Day by William Bien, and clipped pictures of John F. Kennedy and his family
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The Treasurer is the custodian of any property presumed abandoned and remitted to the state's custody for safekeeping. The intangible personal property is retained by the Treasurer after being declared unclaimed, for eventual delivery to the person claiming an interest in said property pursuant to Sections 55-210.20 through 55-210.22 of the Code of Virginia. Per Library of Virginia retention schedule 152-006, intangible personal property records are retained by the Dept. of Treasury for 20 years and then any records deemed archival are transferred to the Library of Virginia for permanent retention.
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Virginia Dept. of the Treasury, Unclaimed Property: Papers of Carl J. Ferraro, Jr.
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