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Virginia Library Association records

Virginia Library Association records, 1905-1999
Virginia Library Association records
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  • Records of the Virginia Library Association, 1905-1999, including correspondence, minutes, annual reports, budgets, treasurers' reports, membership lists, newsletters, questionnaires, surveys, ballots, conference arrangment materials and proceedings, workshop materials, constitutions and bylaws, clippings, photographs, videocassettes, and published material
  • The GENERAL FILES series is the largest series of the Virginia Library Association records and dates from 1905-1979. Included are the records of many of the elected or appointed officers of the organization, including Mary Louise Dinwidde, Mary Pretlow, Louise Savage, Harry Clemons, Randolph Church, Raymond O. Hummel, Pat Carey, Frank Shirk, Antje Smith, and Florence Yoder. This is an artificial series in which the records from all sources have been interfiled. The association did not have a centralized administrative headquarters so records were created and retained in scattered locations by the individual officers, whose term in office in most cases lasted only one year. Inactive records were turned over by officers to their successor or eventually to the organization's archivist, who organized the files into a single series, in somewhat of a chronological order
  • The practice of interfiling all records into a general file was discontinued in the late 1970's. These later series are arranged by the office of origin or by type of material. Again, whenver practical, the original order and the indentification supplied by the creator was retained
  • The PRESIDENT'S FILES series, 1977-1986, covers the presidential terms of Fred Heath, Betty Ragsdale, Gordon Bechanan, Dean Burgess, Tim Byrne, and Christie Vernon. Minutes, reports and correspondence concerning appointments, legislative issues, and conference programs are included
  • The SECRETARY'S FILES series, 1980-1986, include the files of Fran Freimarck, John Stewart, and Debbie Leather. These include correspondence, minutes, and annual reports
  • The ARCHIVIST FILES series, 1977-1986, is a small series of correspondence related to the duties of the archivist and the transfer of records to Tom Hehman. The actual records transferred to the archivist are arranged in series by function or type of record
  • The SOUTHEASTERN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE series, 1976-1980, include correspondence and minutes retained by the network representative, Roberta Miller
  • The COMMITTEES series, 1973-1987, is arranged alphabetically by committee. Included are correspondence, minutes, programs, newsletters, membership lists, surveys and workshop materials. Newspaper clippings, video and audio cassettes, slides, and photographs are found in this series
  • The FORUMS series, 1977-1986, is arranged alphabetically by forum and include minutes, reports, workshop programs, and surveys. The forum records are useful in establishing the evolution of the members' interest in specialized subject areas
  • The REGIONS series, 1977-1984, is arranged numerically by region and include budgets, correspondence, and minutes. The regions focus on local issues and increasing participation of the membership by holding meetings in geographically accessible locations
  • The JUNIOR MEMBER ROUND TABLE series, 1968-1979, is arranged in alphabetical order by subject. The roundtable is affiliated with the American Library Association Junior Member Round Table whose purpose is to actively involve beginning professionals in the association
  • The RICHMOND AREA LIBRARIES CLUB series, 1956-1977, includes information on this independent association of librarians from the Richmond, Petersburg, and Hopewell areas, and was formed in 1956. In 1977 the club agreed to dissolve and became Region IV of the Virginia Library Association
  • The MEMBERSHIP CARDS, FORMER MEMBERS series, 1927-1959, is arranged alphabetically by name of former member. The cards indicate the dates of active membership and library affiliation
  • The PRINTED MATERIALS series, 1923-1986, is arranged alphabetically by year. Includes conference programs, manuals, reports, and brochures, followed by the newsletters, programs, and membership invitations for the regions, setions, committees, and forums
  • The NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS series, 1923-, includes a small file of newspaper articles on the association and on libraries in Virginia which were received without related correspondence
  • The MISCELLANEOUS series, 1905-1980, has two parts. The first part includes files received from individual members which reflect their participation in more than one function. These include files from Fred Heath for several offices he held prior to his election as president; the manuscript and research notes on the history of the association by the editor of The Virginian Librarian, Carroll Quenzel; and the research notes of a Henry James who continued the history project after Quenzel's death. The second part of this series includes single folders which are arranged alphabetically by subject
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  • The Virginia Library Association is a voluntary association open to any institution, library, or individual interested in the promotion of libraries and library service in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The VLA was first organized in 1905 and held annual meetings in 1912. In 1922 the association, after being dormant for ten years, joined with the Virginia Education Association.
  • The re-establishment of the Virginia Library Association as a separate professional organization occured in 1925. The VLA suffered another setback during World War II when it was unable to hold annual meetings because of restriction son travel. The association was revitalized after the war due to the growth in the number and size of libraries in Virginia. In 1977, after a two year study by the Ad Hoc Development Committee, the VLA was reorganized in an effort to broaden the opportunities for members to participate in leadership roles and to be more responsive to the diverse needs of the expanding membership.
  • A detailed history of the association, "Milestones in the Evolution of VLA," was written by Henry James, Jr. in celebration of the Virginia Library Association's 75th anniversary and was published in the 1980 annual conference program. Complete descriptions of the organizational structure of the VLA and the duties of elected and appointed officer holders are found in the association's by-laws and manual.
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Virginia Library Association records
Additional records, 1969-2009, have been received but not processed (Acc. 34959, 34960, 34961, 34962, 34963, 34964, 40146, 40280, 40573, 41868, 50607, 51210)
  • The Library of Virginia
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Organized in 14 series: I. General Files. II. President's Files. III. Secretary's Files. IV. Archivist's Files. V. SELA Representatives. VI. Committees. VII. Forums. VIII. Regions. IX. Junior Members Roundtable. X. Richmond Area Libraries Club. XI. Membership Cards. XII. Printed Materials. XIII. Clippings. XIV. Miscellaneous.
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