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  • Papers, 1761-1907, of the Miller and Henkel family primarily residing in Frederick and Shenandoah Counties, and Winchester, Virginia, but with lines also living in King William, Roanoke and Washington Counties, Virginia; and Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Henkel and Miller family members were prominent book printers and publishers, dentists, merchants, Lutheran ministers, pharmacists, and physicians. Principally consists of account books, accounts, business cards, correspondence, a diary, a Miller-Schultz family genealogy, letters of recommendation, school notebooks, and receipts. Topics of correspondence include family matters including health and education, book publishing and printing, medical advice and the sale of pharmaceuticals, dentistry, general store business, Lutheran Church history and sale of Lutheran literature, western migration from Shenandoah Valley, pioneer women, and Appalachian life and customs
  • MISC. REEL 177. Diary, 23 March 1863-19 September 1863, written by Margaretta Miller (1850-1938) and includes daily descriptions of the weather, the occupation of Union forces in Winchester during the Civil War, family matters, and domestic activities. At the front of the volume are accounts, 1848-1849, for customers of Miller, Schultz and Miller, a general store in Winchester, Virginia. There is also an alphabetical index for the account book at the front of the volume
  • MISC. REEL 180. Accounts, 1807-1814, of Godfrey Miller and Company, a general store and pharmacy in Winchester, Virginia. Includes some customer accounts but consists mostly of accounts noting the purchase of itemized goods from John and Abraham Miller, mercantile buyer's agents. John and Abraham Miller first purchased the goods in Baltimore or Philadelphia and then transported them to Godfrey Miller and Company in Winchester
  • MISC. REEL 181. Accounts, an account book, and receipts, 1812-1841, for Godfrey Miller noting the purchase of general store goods from various mercantile agents and stores in Baltimore and the sale of goods to customers in Winchester
  • MISC. REEL 185. This reel consists of school notebooks, 1798-1801 and n.d., of Godfrey S. Miller Jr. including French and German language notebooks; a list of merchandise and dry goods for a pharmacy, n.d.; inventories, 1823-1825 and 1827, of Godfrey Miller's general store listing quantity, item, and price; a school notebook, 1835, of John Abram Miller; an account book, 1789-1795, noting balances for medicines purchased by Chris and Charles Marshall, mercantile agents for Godfrey Miller in Philadelphia; a Miller-Schultz family genealogy; business cards for William S. Miller's dentistry practice; Miller family correspondence, 1831-1907; and Godfrey Miller accounts, 1841-1857, noting the purchase of general store goods. A large portion of the correspondence is sent to William S. Miller, a dentist in Winchester, Virginia, and later Tallahassee, Florida. Notable correspondents include Solon P. C. Henkel, Miller and Burlock, Abraham Schultz Miller, George F. Miller, Godfrey S. Miller Jr., Mathias Miller, George Schultz, Mathias Schultz, S. D. Solomon and Brothers, and Robert B. Wolf. Topics include family matters, business matters, and dentistry
  • MISC. REEL 186. Includes correspondence, 1827-1880, comprising letters principally sent to Solon P. C. Henkel and William S. Miller from Henkel, Miller, and Schultz family members. Notable correspondents include Hannah R. Henkel, Miller A. Henkel, Samuel G. Henkel, Abraham Miller, Catherine E. Miller, John G. Miller, Lewis A. Miller, Lewis M. Miller, Rebecca E. Miller, in addition to those mentioned above. Topics include sale of published catechisms, medical advice and patients, dentistry, business matters, and family matters including family health. Also interspersed among the correspondence are receipts of Henkel and Miller family members and Solomon D. Henkel and Company
  • MISC. REEL 187. This reel contains two sets of correspondence. The first half of the reel has correspondence, 1876-1938, exchanged between Henkel and Miller family members concerning medical advice, family matters, and business matters. Notable correspondents and recipients include Alfred D. Henkel, Casper C. Henkel, Gertrude Henkel, Martha S. Henkel, Miller Henkel, Solon P. C. Henkel, and William S. Miller. There are also receipts for goods and services purchased by Solon P. C. Henkel on the first half of the reel. The second half of the reel has correspondence, 1781-1851, principally exchanged between Henkel family members and organized into sections by the correspondent. At the front of each section is an itemized and dated list of the correspondence. Many of the letters are in German and only some have been translated. Notable correspondents include Ambrose Henkel, Andrew Henkel, Charles Henkel, David Henkel, Hannah Henkel, Moses Henkel, Paul Henkel, Philip Henkel, and Solomon Henkel. Topics include the book trade, book publishing, bilingual printing in Virginia, piano making, westward migration from the Shenandoah Valley, use of medical drugs, Lutheran Church history, pioneer women, and Appalachian life. The second half of the reel also contains some correspondence from Lutheran, Reformed, and Moravian ministers to Paul Henkel and other Henkel family members
  • MISC. REEL 188. Contains correspondence, 1783-1844, written to Henkel family members from various individuals in Virginia and adjoining states principally concerning business matters and the Lutheran Church schism in North Carolina. Notable recipients include those listed above. Arranged in sections on the reel alphabetically by surname of correspondent. At the front of each section is an itemized and dated list of the correspondence. Many of these letters are in German and only some have been translated. There are also testimonials, 1819, taken in favor of David Henkel in his conflict with the Lutheran Church, diaries, 1806-1818, of Paul Henkel, and diary, 1799, of Solomon Henkel. This reel also has copies of German manuscripts compiled, printed, and published by Paul Henkel and Henkel family members, an apothecary notebook of an unidentified pharmacist containing a glossary of herbs and drugs, unidentified broadsides, obituaries, marriage licenses, and Henkel family receipts. The last half of the reel contains correspondence found on the front of the reel
  • MISC. REEL 189. Comprises correspondence, 1838-1913, exchanged between Miller and Henkel family members principally concerning family matters, family business including book publishing and medicine, Appalachian life, and the Lutheran Church. Notable correspondents include Alfred D. Henkel, Martha S. Henkel, Miller Henkel, Solon P. C. Henkel, and William S. Miller. Principal recipient is Alfred D. Henkel. There are also receipts, 1838-1848, of John and Abram Miller
  • MISC. REEL 190. Includes correspondence, 1870-1886, sent to Henkel family members principally from other businesses, patients, and customers concerning matters related to the family, the pharmacy, medicines, and ailments and diseases. Notable Henkel family members include Solon P. C. Henkel, Casper C. Henkel, Alfred D. Henkel, and Maggie S. Henkel. There is also a journal, 1879-1880, of Alfred D. Henkel contained herein. The second half of the reel also has copies of the UNION PRIMER, CHRISTIAN CATECHISM, and two German texts
  • MISC. REEL 191. This reel contains a naturalization oath, 26 October 1761, of Tobias Otto of Frederick County, Virginia; a list, 1794, of Abraham Miller's cures for specific ailments; correspondence, ca. 1802-1827, concerning Lutheran teachings and religion; daybook, 1809-1812, of Solomon Henkel containing patient accounts for sale of physician services and medicines along with some sundry general store items; a copy of the BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1772); and a list of the contents of the Virginia Henkel Collection at the Winchester Frederick-County Historical Society
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Originals, which are owned by the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, are located in Handley Regional Library in Winchester, Virginia.
  • The original records of this collection were placed on deposit with the Handley Library by their legal owners, the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society
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  • The Margaretta Miller diary is the third item located on miscellaneous reel 177. Godfrey Miller and Company accounts are the first items on miscellaneous reels 180-181
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